Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mission Complete, 12 months since the mad idea was born, less than 8 months since the first race, Number 10, the Prague Half Marathon, was completed this afternoon

24 flights, over 15000 miles travelled and for all of the doubters out there, I did it (even though I often doubted myself).


The last race was in Prague, a city I hadn’t visited before, but will definitely come back, contrary to rumours, it isn’t all stag doo’s and pick pockets, it is one of the most beautiful and cleanest cities I have ever been to. If you haven’t been, it is certainly worth a look. The conditions were again very warm at around 20 degrees, not the ideal running conditions for an over-weight northerner. Lovely route through the Prague streets and across numerous bridges, few issues with cobbled streets, but today was all about getting to the finish. I saw more casualties today, than in any other race, the unseasonal heat caught many out, and a lot of collapsed runners on the route. Got round in a slow 2hr 16 minutes, but the main thing was I got round.


So far the challenge has raised over £14,500 for Willow Burn, which is absolutely fantastic, hopefully those who promised to sponsor me at the end will push that figure up. (I know you all thought it was a safe bet and I wouldn’t make it, but sorry it’s time to get your hands in your pockets, 10 half marathons have been done, and I am still alive at the end of it).


No more time for writing there is a large glass of Staropramen with my name on it waiting in the bar, which will hopefully be followed by many more


Thanks for all the support




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