How you can help

I am now sold on the Challenge, How can I help?

In short Willow Burn need your support, otherwise I would be sitting in the pub most weekends eating pie and chips, instead of putting in those extra miles to make sure I achieve this goal. I am not fussy, whether it be personal donations or corporate donations (ideally both), whether it be large donations or small (again prefer the former), every penny is important. This Challenge is going to take me 10 months, so if you can only afford a few pounds now, come back later and give a little bit more when you can.

Thanks for reading this, please support this worthwhile cause and feel free to comment on the blog, facebook, twitter, linkedin, postcard, text message or even carrier pigeon.

Elddis have a truck dedicated to Willow Burn which has their moto on its side; “putting life into days, when no more days can be put into life” that sums up why I am doing this: 

Please visit my Just Giving page

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