Monday 20 September 2010

Who needs Hello Magazine! I have made it to Truck and Driver

Forget the latest on Posh and Becks, there is a (very small) article in the October issue of "Truck and Driver Magazine" - 100% for Drivers.

What next? The world is my oyster, I may even make the weekly free paper if I keep going!!

Sunday 19 September 2010

No. 3 Great North Run Complete on a wet day in Newcastle

Not the quickest run, but with a poor number allocation, it was a very congested race. 2hour 9minutes, so still my best GNR time. Really difficult to overtake or get into a running rhythm.

As always a great atmosphere in the biggest Half Marathon in the world. Makes you proud of the North East

Thanks everyone for the support and the donations so far, over £6000 raised already.

Next race Amsterdam in 4 weeks

No. 3 Start of the Bupa GNR

A damp day in Newcastle, about to start the Great North Run. Biggest Half Marathon in the world with 54000 runners. Great Atmosphere, Great place, Great people

Sunday 5 September 2010

No.2 - Glasgow Half Marathon Complete and a new PB

Finished the Glasgow Half Marathon in 2hrs 3minutes 19 seconds (by my watch). That is the quickest I have ever ran and a full 12 minutes faster than the last race. If I keep improving at this rate I will break the world record in Prague next April (very unlikely).

Nice race with a few hills and some of the nicest and not so nice parts of Glasgow. No major drama,s this time.

I have now broke £5000 in the fundraising which is amazing, thanks for all the support.

Next race is a "home" fixture at the Great North Run in 2 weeks

Thanks again, Nigel

Start of Glasgow Half Marathon

All ready to go!!

Saturday 4 September 2010

Glasgow Half Marathon Eve

In Glasgow for tomorrows Glasgow Half Marathon - number 2 of 10.

Weather forecast not great for running as it is forecast to be a hot day. Plenty of water needed.

Off for some pasta to prepare, next update after the race..

Thanks for everyone who has sponsored me, I have now raised over £5000 for Willow Burn, absolutely amazing