Friday 29 October 2010

10 mile training run in the Lakes and passed the magical 621 mile mark this year. That is over 1000km ran in 2010

Ran round the South side of Esthwaite Lake to Hawkshead then climbed over Claiffe Heights and back down to Far Sawrey.

Lovely way to reach the 621 milestone. 1000 kilometres ran an still 2 months left.

It has took me 110 hours or just over 4.5 days of running to do it.

Benidorm in 2 weeks.

Will update again then.

Thursday 21 October 2010

Final made page 3 (well page 3 in the Northern Echo that is)

Running man article appeared in the Northern Echo this week (see link below)


Sunday 17 October 2010

Run 4, Amsterdam, complete and in a pretty fantastic time if I say so myself.

Today started early with an alarm just after 4am, 6am flight to Amsterdam, in Schipol 7am UK time. A little early since I didn't cross the start line until around 2pm today.

This time did allow the temperature to lift, as it was only 2 degrees when we landed. It was still chilly for the race, but a less freezing 10 degrees.

The race was flat as expected and I had a really good run. It winds through the streets of Amsterdam before going through the main park and finishes in stile with half a lap of the Olympic Stadium.

I realised after about 10 miles that I could possibly break the 2 hour mark, and gave everything I had to do it. The usual sprint (ish) finish didn't happen as my legs had nothing left to give, but I did it, I broke the 2 hour mark. 1 hour 58 minutes, almost 5 minutes faster than my previous personal best.

I have to admit to being over the moon at the time, when I started this challenge I hoped to break the 2 hour barrier, but in the back of my mind I knew it was going to be a tough call. To put it in perspective I have knocked almost 15 minutes of my previous record, that is more than a minute for every mile.

A very happy bunny is sitting in Schipol airport having a few celebratory beers before the late flight back to Manchester.

Thanks again for all of the support, I have now raised around £9000, which is amazing, keep it coming.


Reward for today's effort, but is it rude to drink an odd number?

Answer: definitely not

1:58:40 yes ONE HOUR FIFTY EIGHT MINUTES FORTY SECONDS. Almost 5 minutes off PB. I love Amsterdam.

Absolutely chuffed with best ever run. More details later, I need a pint, in fact I deserve a pint.

Oops should say Race Number 4. Typo in all the excitement?

Start of Amsterdam - Race Runner 4

All set at the start of the Amsterdam race. Weather much improved from the early morning frost. Less than 3 hours until a large cold Amstel.....

A frosty morning in Amsterdam

Alarm went off at 4:10 this morning, not normal on a Sunday morning. Arrived in Amsterdam at 7am now making my way to the half marathon on the very efficient Dutch Metro system.

More reports later before and after the race.

Sunday 3 October 2010

What do you wear for a half marathon in the arctic circle?

This is the big dilemma, it is 3 months away, but having to put some thought in.

I have had to discount running spikes as there is no opportunity to train in them, or "run" them in. So after much thought the choice has been made. I have gone with a gortex cross country running shoe, which will keep my feet dry and give a little extra grip.

With all the bad weather, managed to see how good they are. 6 mile very hilly cross country run on very slippery tracks. Certainly took the newness of the shoes, but never slipped once.

Now just have to get the rest of the outfit sort, think a hat maybe in order.

Amsterdam 2 weeks and counting