The Challenge

Why is it such a Challenge?

After initially running 10 half marathons in 8 months in 10 different countries (or islands), the running bug was certainly developed. Now (June 15) the tally is at 35 and a new challenge is required.

So this time the target is to do 50 half marathons before my 50th birthday (Jan 18) and do one in every country in Western Europe.

At the end of the day you only live once, so you need to set yourself challenges.

The first 10 raised over £23,000 for Willow Burn Hospice, I will probably try and raise more money for the charity as the end of the challenge is in sight and therefore looks achievable.

Why Half Marathons not Marathons

Don’t be stupid! If you have ever ran the Great North Run, got to South Shields and crossed that finish line, the thought of then turning round and running back to Newcastle is pure madness. I may be mad for taking this challenge on but I am not totally insane, I have done one marathon (London 14) and it was one too many.