Sunday 12 August 2012

The Cross Bay Half Marathon - The Most Bonkers Race I Have Ever Done

Another day another Half Marathon. Ran the Cross Bay Half Marathon, which is one of the most unusual races, and has been voted one of the best runs in the UK. It basically runs across Morecambe Bay when the tide goes out. I should have known there was an issue, when the pre-race briefing mentioned the quick-sand if you veer off the course.

First couple of miles went well, on sand but quite hard packed, so not to bad to run on. Then at around 3.5 miles the water started, the routes became slightly wet, around 1 inch to 2 inch of water for the next mile and a half. This was compounded by a head wind that lasted the full race and rain that felt like hail coming straight at your face. That was fine, then it got slightly more difficult when we had a ¼ mile wade through water that was at times almost waist deep, not what you normally expect on a half marathon. Another 7 miles and another couple of rivers to wade through and finally made it to the end 2:39 minutes after starting. The slowest half marathon too date, but ran every yard it was possible to run and felt that was a pretty good time considering the conditions.

I now have a case of trench foot but thought it was a brilliant event. Maybe next year again?

Tuesday 19 June 2012

The Greatest Run Ever.

16th June 2012 – 4:11pm Cutlers Hall Road, Shotley Bridge. One of the proudest moments of my life, carrying the Olympic Flame as part of the Torch Relay. Thousands of well wishers including family, friends and most of the Blackhill Bounders Running Club. Amazing Day, one I will never forget

Monday 9 April 2012

Coniston 14 - 31st March 2012

Another Half Marathon completed, this time slightly longer on a hilly course around Coniston.

Joined by another dozen Blackhill Bounders on one of the best runs in the North. Steady run of 2hrs 26 minutes, which more than happy with.

What to do next?

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Cumbrian Commotion Completed

3hrs 50 minutes of Hill Running, Mountain Biking, More Hill Running, Kayaking, More Hill Running and finally a couple of challenges to finish the day off.

Although the hot weather proved a bit of a hindrance we managed to complete the event in a respectable time (thanks to some pushing from Mark) and didn’t tip the Kayak – I have officially decided that Kayaking is not a hobby I will be taking up, but I do make a good passenger. The winners must have cheated as they made it in 2hrs 15 minutes, the last team home was a little over 6 hours…

We’ll be looking to beat the time next year if anyone fancies the challenge!!

Thank again for your support, our madness made another £1000 for Willow Burn, so quiet happy about that.

I am now going to attempt the Coniston 14 next Saturday, because I haven’t ran enough last weekend…


Wednesday 14 March 2012

Another year another Challenge

Thought it time to repost to the Running Man Blog. The next challenge is less than 2 weeks away. A team of 3 from Elddis: myself, Richard and Mark, are competing in the Cumbrian Commotion in the Lakes on 24th March. It is what can best be described as an extreme triathlon!!!

Thought I should do some serious training this weekend, so with the help of Andy Heppell and John Million did a 22 mile bike ride, (the longest I have done since at school), then jumped off and did a 5.5 mile run. Seemed a good idea, and after a £30 bill at the Chiropractor to put my back straight, I only feel slightly crippled now.

As always we are raising funds for Willow Burn, I appreciate that many of you have already been very supportive, but if you can help in any way it is appreciated. The link to the Just Giving Page is

Will keep you updated over the next couple of weeks.