Sunday 30 January 2011

22nd Marrakech Half Marathon Complete 8 down only 2 to go.

Just finished the Marrakech Half. I would highly recommend a visit to Marrakech, if you haven't already been, the old part of the city is amazing, you half expect Indiana Jones to drive through in a German army truck.

The race wasn't unfortunately very inspiring. The route was a string of one or two mile straight roads, with no discernible views followed by the odd corner then another 2 mile bland road. Only at around 10 miles did we see some sort of civilisation, by which time it was too late, I had lost the will to live.

In addition it rained early this morning, so the humidity meant I was soaked through after only a mile. Add to this the locals who insist on walking/running 6 a breast on the narrow parts of the course and the total chaos at the end of the race, with people fighting to get medals and you will get the general idea that it was not the best race.

Finished in an uninspired 2hrs 10 minutes.

Lesson of the day is definitely visit Marrakech, but don't run the Half Marathon.

Rest through February then penultimate race in Lisbon in March.

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