Thursday 5 August 2010

Thanks to everyone for the Amazing Support

Absolutely amazing response to the launch of the Running Man Challenge. I have received over 100 emails this afternoon, which is why I am still replying to them at 11pm. Thank you to everyone who sent their support and pretty much universally questioned my sanity. Also a massive thanks to those who have donated already and to those who have promised to in the future.

I am absolutely overwhelmed by the reaction and it certainly makes all those training runs around the hills of Consett seem worthwhile and motivated me even further.

A special thanks to the amazing friends who sponsored me £100 per race (yes per race). I have to say at first I thought they had miss read the information, I then thought they must be banking on me not making it long enough to collect, but then I realised they have just been unbelievably generous. An extra big thanks to you both - you know who you are.

Finally to Mike, thanks for the IT help today, and no I will not be running any of the races in the yellow lycra outfit as modelled by Arnie in the 1987 film - The Running Man. It simply isn't going to happen..

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