Wednesday 15 March 2017

What part of running 2 half marathons in 7 days did I think was a good idea? Definitely a tale of two cities and a broken man.

Half Marathon number 46 - Wrexham Half Marathon - 12/3/2017

This weekend involved ticking off Wales from the country list by completing the Wrexham Half Marathon. It was not my most enjoyable or best run. The excuses why I ran so badly are as follows:
  • 1) it was too close to the last race
  • 2) it was hilly (well slightly undulating)
  • 3) it was warm (yes Wrexham was warm in March)
  • 4) I am getting old, too heavy and probably not fit enough
  • 5) At 6 miles I got overtaken by a Gingerbread Man, who had started 1 hour before me and was running the marathon with the 3hr 30min Marathon Pacer
  • 6) My head was too focused on making excuses to run well.
Anyway over 10 minutes slower than Vienna and after dragging myself painfully through the last 3 miles I ticked off Half Marathon number 46 in Wrexham. A pleasant course through the town and surrounding country side.

To finish a bad day, i may be now banned from the Ramada Inn in Wrexham. Having stayed the night before, i had arranged to call back and have a shower in the Spa before returning home. What they didn't tell me was the only shower in the Spa was an open shower in the spa room which contained the Hot Tub and Sauna. Having checked there where no other guests a quick strip off and shower followed. It was only when leaving I noticed the Security Camera and the "This area is covered by CCTV sign". What made it worse was handing back my key to see the large CCTV monitor behind reception clearly showing the spa. May be a while before i go back!!

There is now a justgiving page, which will be open for the duration of the challenge

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