Tuesday 9 June 2015

Running Western Europe

The Running Man is back….
I have decided to try and Run Western Europe by the time I reach 50 (not in an Adolf Hitler or Angela Merkel Way, but in a half marathon way). This will hopefully end up as 50 half marathons, in 20 different countries by January 2018 finishing with frozen Half Marathon in the Arctic Circle. The map shows completed countries in green, races booked in Orange and still to sort in Red. Have booked Stockholm Half Marathon in September and Helsinki in October this year to kick start it.
That just leaves Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Luxembourg, Denmark, Ireland, Switzerland, Austria and Iceland to run in.
Going to give it a good go, time and fitness permitting. May even do the last year for charity.
Any one fancy a trip away you are more than welcome to join me on tour.

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