Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Another year another Challenge

Thought it time to repost to the Running Man Blog. The next challenge is less than 2 weeks away. A team of 3 from Elddis: myself, Richard and Mark, are competing in the Cumbrian Commotion in the Lakes on 24th March. It is what can best be described as an extreme triathlon!!!

Thought I should do some serious training this weekend, so with the help of Andy Heppell and John Million did a 22 mile bike ride, (the longest I have done since at school), then jumped off and did a 5.5 mile run. Seemed a good idea, and after a £30 bill at the Chiropractor to put my back straight, I only feel slightly crippled now.

As always we are raising funds for Willow Burn, I appreciate that many of you have already been very supportive, but if you can help in any way it is appreciated. The link to the Just Giving Page is

Will keep you updated over the next couple of weeks.


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