Sunday 12 December 2010

Number 6 complete, 2hrs 2minutes on a hilly route around the Calvia area of Majorca.

Weather in Majorca is a lot better than the UK, but no one told me that the course would be so hilly. A lot of ups and downs, but some fantastic views on the way also. Started and Finished just outside Palma Nova, with half the run along the coast before turning inland for the final hills and run to the finish.

This was the first run with an organised group (running crazy), so it was nice to have a cold beer waiting at the end. Not sure about the 5:30 alarm call this morning for breakfast though.

The big race in a months time, 250 miles north of the arctic circle in Norway, hopefully the training over the last few weeks will help.

With those that have pledged, I have now exceeded the original 10k target, but that doesn't mean those who are still thinking of sponsoring should change their mind, every penny counts for Willow Burn, so the more the better.

Have a great Christmas, next update in 2011..

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  1. Great result on that and very pleased the target was acheived, bet you don't doubt the power of social media now..!